Last updated April 12, 2019

Quick start: Hoverlay 101

Our #1 goal at Hoverlay is to make augmented reality accessible and useful for people who want to communicate their message in the most impactful way possible. To do that, we’ve created an integrated platform to handle the complexities of augmented reality on your behalf.

You don’t need to be an AR expert, all you need is Hoverlay.

Basic Terminology:

Here are the foundational concepts you should know to get the most out of Hoverlay.

  • Hobject — This is our name for a piece of Augmented Reality content with extra Abilities. It might be a painting you attach to a wall or a product visualization you can examine in your office. It might also be your PowerPoint slides or vacation pictures, or with a tap on a Hobject, you can have people email you, take a poll, send a text or call you on the phone. A Hobject can even be a video avatar, your AR spokesperson or story teller.
  • Hobject Link — This is an easy to share link anybody can use to access your Hobjects. It’s a URL you can tweet or share via email. If you’re selling art or products online, you can add Hobject Link buttons to your product pages so people can experience your products in their home or office. And of course, with a single tap, they come right back to your shopping cart.
  • Hobject Placement — Hoverlay makes it easy to place your Hobjects in time and space, wherever and whenever you want people to experience them. A Placement is how you control when and where they appear. Placements also handle the details of how it’s situated and who can access it.
  • Channel — Every Hoverlay user has one or more Channels to organize their Hobjects. People tune to a Channel to access your Hobjects any place, any time.
  • Model — A standard Augmented Reality term, a Model is the visualizable data that people see. It might be a painting, a product or a politician giving a speech in your home.
  • Abilities — The Hoverlay Platform enhances Models in countless ways. A frame on your painting, a popup with product details, a narration on your PowerPoint, the only limit is your imagination. Hoverlay makes it easy, ask us how.
  • Anchor — Another standard Augmented Reality term, an Anchor is the way AR content is attached to the physical world. It might be a wall, a barcode or company logo, a conference table or kitchen counter.
  • Mixed Reality Service — The Hoverlay MRS is the cloud service that makes all this possible. We built the MRS to make AR more accessible, more sharable, more powerful and to put AR experiences in more places in more practical ways.